Monday, February 27, 2012

Makes Me Happy Monday

Trying this on for size:

Makes Me Happy Monday:

Maybe if something makes me happy, it'll make you happy too.

Or at least you can find humor in some of the things that make me happy.

I googled it first, turns out I'm not the first one to think of this, but I'm pretty sure my happys are my own so here are a few for this Monday:

2 Sprigs of Hyacinth my Hazel Monkey picked for me yesterday growing wild in our back field.
They smell so good and look so sweet. They are sitting on this ledge above my kitchen sink. Happy.

Girl Scout Cookies! HAPPY! Am I right? Y'all these are sitting on my kitchen counter right now, the rest (yes, there are more) are in my freezer.  We have 2 girl scouts that live here.  Gotta support the troops!  Also, I'm on this whole "oh, look at me, I'm going to eat healthy" thing.  Making this picture a form of torture for me.  Every second. Of every day.

When my little Roo tickles the ivories!  I love when she practices.  The songs she is supposed to, the ones she makes up.  Especially when they have lyrics.  She loves to play standing up, so she can reach the pedals.  Total happy.

Today's awesome sky He gave us!  This is a day that you want to spend outside from sun up to sun down. Happiness!

Totally not the crazy cat lady, but this dude is seriously awesome.  His name is Ernie, sometimes we call him Ernesto because that is fun to say.  Yesterday I learned from Roo that he has a middle name.  James. 
Ernie James.  Happy cat.

Ok, this one is two happys for the price of one.  First, the obvious "so much" trio of canvases.  This is what is inscribed on the inside of my wedding ring from my Scotty Boy.  It was a surprise.  It's because he loves much.  Ok, I promise that is the only cheese I will deliver you today.  Part 2 of happiness is the color of my bedroom.  Orangey happiness.  Are you ready for this, it's called...Sizzle.  Not kidding.  Didn't do that on purpose, I promise.  It is what it is people.

The steaks Scotty Boy grilled last night made me happy.  Not having to cook, made me happier.  No dishes?  Happiest!
Does this picture look crooked?  It could be the house is settling?  or it could be that my grill isn't straight and is missing a wheel and is propped up with a 2x4. 

Hazel Monkey did this for her sister. 
Sweet happy daffodil hair.

Scotty Boy's Sunday Morning Happy Omelet Bar

Which made this plate happy (and me)

Having hope that I'm going to get better at using this makes me CRAZY happy!

And last but not least (cause it's probably my favorite) is this Sunday evening bike cruise with my people.  I know what you're thinking, that Tara, what a daredevil on a bike!  I seriously took this picture about 17 times trying to get it right while avoiding oncoming traffic, pot holes, and using one hand, sorta.  I love Roo's green helmet and the fact that she's wearing a tutu, the whole while yelling at her big sister to stop letting go of the handle bars because it makes her nervous.  Makes me laugh, makes me happy, lots. 

So there you have it, my first Makes Me Happy Monday.  Hope it makes you happy too!


  1. totally made me happy, because you are a happy person always, not only Mondays...keep the blogging coming makes me happy!...

  2. You blog is hilarious! Love it!

  3. Sending you a big fluffy :) today!