Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Super Roosday!

Birthdays are big around here.  Why?  Lots of reasons.  One, we like to party.  I mean that, we really like it.  Celebrate good times, come on! (you know you feel it!) But of all the parties and celebrations that we have each year, and we have a lot, the birthdays are the best.  It's a day to celebrate the birth of someone you love.  When it comes to my baby girls, I am blessed and so thankful they were given to me and for that I will celebrate my booty off!!

Today my Roo turned 7.

We dubbed it Super Roosday, cause that's fun.

In order to get your celebration on, you have to prepare.  This is how we prepare...

we have frozen yogurt to mull over our options. We look like this while we do...

And the yogurt helps us think.  We decide Roo needs a new bike.  She's had hand me down bikes so far, so maybe turning 7 warrants her very own brand new bike.  She only asked for a basket for her current bike.  We decided a basket on a new bike would be better.  Yogurt makes us smart.  We hit the bike stores, don't see what we want.  We decide to try Target - BINGO!

Love it!  Perfect colors, beach cruiser style like mom and big sis, spot for a basket, SCORE!  But, we are still very smart from the yogurt so we know we better try it out before we buy it. 

Roo also wants a new Nerf Gun, she will shoot this while wearing a dress and giant bows in her hair.

Then we head home with our game faces on to finish up the prep work.
Clearly the effects of the yogurt have worn off because we aren't smart anymore and we sign our almost 7 year old up for summer camp.  This is something she is dying to do with her big sister.  You can see there was need of a grown up beverage to pull the trigger and hit submit on her application.

Next I move onto making birthday cake magic happen.  She wanted the whole rainbow cake in a jar thing that I am sure many of y'all have seen.  I'm going to do a separate post on how this went when I try to figure out how to link up with Pintertest Kitchen.

Then we hit the hay (I always sleep with my birthday babies, I want to wish them Happy Birthday as soon as they open their peepers in the morning!)

Ready, set, Birthday.  It's here, she's 7, let's do this.

Rise and Shine!!!

Birthday Break Out


A little help from Hazel Monkey and she's free to start her first day as a 7 year old.  Being 7 is awesome so far. As a side note, she said to me the day before, when she was still 6 "mom, you know what is going to be really weird tomorrow?" me: "no, Roo, what?" roo: "I have to sit by a 6 year old at school, awkward!" Another reason to crazy love this nut.

So, let's head down for some birthday breakfast.  I should give you a heads up on 2 things here.  1, the hall outside her room is an insane danger zone right now.  Filled with mines and obstacles.  We are doing a slight remodel on my creation station craft room and all the stuff had to be pulled out.  To the hall.  To the landing.  To the girls rooms.  To the gameroom. You get it.  Danger. 2, we have the hardest time waiting to give gifts.  That's one of the reasons I wait until the last minute to get them.  That way I don't give them ahead of time.  So, her day is here and so she'll get her presents at breakfast because we can't wait another second!

This is what you look like when you see this waiting for you

And it's on the kitchen counter which means you get to do this because it's your birthday and you can be crazy. And you are really happy because there are bugles in your bike basket and bugles are your favorite.

Being 7 is better than you expected, especially when your sister makes you a cool card using your favorite colors.
Then it gets better when dad makes #7 pancakes and he puts whipped cream and sprinkles on top with a candle, and there is singing.

So you get dressed super fast and head outside to try out your new wheels before school.

And you are off to school to see just how weird it is to sit next to a 6 year old now that you are 7.
Dad has lunch with you and so does mom :)
And mom brings treats up to your class.  Cause it's your birthday. 
Rainbow Cakes in a jar = Happy 1st Graders
And you actually get to pray in school before you eat :) While you are thanking him for your food I am thanking him for you. Your sweet class then sings happy birthday and you dance around and are silly because you are mine.

So you eat Rainbow Cake in a jar and feel special.

So the birthday girl picks the spot for dinner and of course she picks her fav burger joint.  She's really got a hankerin for some mini corn dogs.  The sisters make sugar packet castles while we wait.

7 is sweet. Ha!

And we shoot toothpicks at the ceiling via our straws because we are cultured.

We are very brave eating here as someone could lose an eye.

So it is after midnight now, and Super Roosday is over.  Wish we could do it again tomorrow! I don't want the years to go as fast as they do, but I do celebrate these girls everyday.  Now to plan her party....(see, I wasn't kidding, we love to party!)

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  1. whoa. super roosday, no kidding!!!!

    you guys know how to party.
    please come plan my 31st b-day. please and thank you.

    bikes are the best.
    bikes on the counter better.
    riding a bike on the counter BESTEST!!!!!

    7 pancakes, uh YEAH.
    i'm gonna make my dad make me 31's. for SURE.

    and i love the birthday burst out. so fun. :)