Sunday, February 12, 2012

Newbie, Rookie, Beginner.....

My Goodness!  All I wanted to do was start up a blog, I had no clue how many choices I'd have to make!  The good news, I'm currently writing my first ever post.  The bad news, I'm not sure how I got here or if I'll ever find my way back!  Doing the banner took me approximately 274 hours and it's not exactly what I had in mind.  That being said, I love the people in those pictures with all my guts and they will frequent the posts to follow as they are my everyday people.  I don't have any fancy tabs or links, I keep getting an error when I try to upload "about me" but it'll get there and in time it'll become more "me".

My first hurtle was the NAME!  Wowza!  Who knew it'd be so hard to pick?  We ended up having vote after vote over here at casa de crazy.
So ...

Prepare to be TARArized it is. 

It's a whole lotta silly, a whole lotta fun, and a whole lotta me coming at ya :) don't be scared, well, maybe you should be a little scared and a lot excited all at the same time.

And just so that you know what you are in for:

This is Me:

On the outside

And on the inside.

And this is what my "about me" will say eventually:
Blessed Catholic wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, creator, life coach, Texan, dancer, comedian, reader, Aggie, dork, photographer, nurse, laundress, designer, teacher, cook...I'm each of these a bit everyday, not good at any, but doing them anyway.  Join the fun that is my life!        

So, if you are intrigued, we will cross paths again. If you're trying to X out as fast as you can, that's ok too - I'm not for everybody.

But if you do take a chance and come back:  today at this house I live in there was bank making, Valentining, medal earning, bike riding, chicken shredding, movie watching and I'll let you know all about it in my next post.

If. I. Find. My. Way. Back.
Just in case, I'll leave a trail of breadcrumbs............................................................


  1. Love it already!
    And I promise I can almost hear your voice speaking as I'm that!
    So so happy!!!

  2. I'm coming back - don't worry! Love it. Can't wait to read more!!! :)

  3. Yeah!! So excited and can't wait to read ;)

  4. look at you fancy pants! header, check. creative name, check. funny blogger, check.

    recipe for awesome. :)

  5. You are awesome at this T to the B! Like Amy, I can hear your voice when I read it, which actually makes me kind of sad because I miss you SO much! You rock this world with your creativity and wonderful words! I am a fan for life!