Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Revenge of the Nerds!

Ok. Trivia Night Fundraiser for the school my girls go to = insane fun!

Theme:  BYOP

That's code for Bring Your Own Party

Yep.  Done and Done.

Who doesn't love that?  Each table brought their own decorations (ours included costumes cuz that is just how we roll)

And when you think trivia, you think smart people, and when you think smart people, you think NERDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The best part?  Nerds are totally in style right now :)  Totally hoping that never changes.  Nerds rock.

We decided if we couldn't be the smartest people there (and we were pretty sure we wouldn't be) at least we would dress like we were! 

So, our table looked like this:

I know what you are thinking, that's not very fancy.  But the fun is in the details!

Our place mats:
The Periodic Table of course.  Taped down with scotch tape. That's what Nerds would do. I say this in a very endearing way, I love me some Nerds :)  Also the name of our table was The Periodic Table, because it makes sense.  We were also called the DORK table:  Department Of Research and Knowledge. Everyone loves a good acronym!

A cross section of the human head screams centerpiece, don't you think?  Plus, smarties are clever.  FYI, we passed out Dum Dums to the other tables.  We thought that was funny.

Each person had their own ruler, compass, protractor, Scientific Method bookmark, and Smart water.  We had a ROY G BIV thing going on with our test tubes in their holder (I'm secretly glad that these are mine, I see a lot of magic happening with those tubes and the rack).  There were Rubiks cubes, Sudoku puzzles, #2 pencils, Triangular endless amount of Nerdy fun!

But every table must have the piece de resistance, and the periodic table is no different:
Yep!!  That's Pi Pie!  Even better?  It was made by Mrs. Fry.  Pi Pie by Mrs. Fry!  I can't make this stuff up people! It was apple, and beautiful!  It sat on top of an antique scale.

There were also supposed to be some helium filled balloons with equations written on them, but a couple of Nerds forgot them.

But what is a perfectly themed table without fun people to sit at it?

We had that covered too:

The Nerdy Frys

The Dorky Brays

My Nerdy Friend Susan who flew in from Texas!

Me and my Geeky love Scotty Boy

We all got ribbons of achievement, and Nerd names from the Nerd Name Generator.  Yep, there's such a thing.  I wore a Millennium Falcon shirt from Target and he wore an Atari one.  Don't think for a second those will only be worn for Trivia Night.  I also had on as many fun and crazy colored layers as possible.  Plus a backpack.  I really wish I had pictures of our full length look.  It was quality.  Socks and shoes are so important to complete the picture.  Please note Scotty Boy's name tag.  NaCl (aq) NaCl (aq)/ccccccc.  A memory from yesteryear.  Did you get it yet?  Saline Saline over the 7 seas.  Did I mention I'm married to a Nerd?  I heart him.

100 trivia questions, I think we finished at about a 75%.  Don't judge!  They were hard!  Lots of fun, lots of laughs, all for a great cause. 

What kind of fun FUNdraisers do yall do?


  1. You are so clever! What a cute idea! I love that you gave Dum Dums to the other tables. Made me laugh.

  2. loving the party theme. i think you should use it again on March 14th, Pi Day! A nerdy holiday of sorts!