Monday, February 20, 2012

She Blinded Me With Science

That Hazel Monkey of mine, she's going to save the world.  I love watching it happen.  It fills me with all sorts of mushy gushy happy feelings. 

Oil Optimism.

Where does a 9 year old come up with this stuff? 

That was the title of her Science Fair project. It is a perfect expression to reflect who she is.  She is the queen of bright sides.  A title we should all strive to have.  She's going to make this earth better, one recyclable at a time.  And she'll do it while wearing gloves and a smile.

She experimented with different ways to remove oil from water, in case of a spill.  A big spill or a little one.  She found fabric worked best. I don't think the big guns are going to sweep in and whisk our girl away tomorrow to head out on an oil tanker but I love where her heart is and the track she is on.

As an added bonus:  She won 1st place in the 4th grade, 3rd place in the school overall (she secretly loves that she beat out most of the 8th graders) and an Environmental Award.  She was beaming with pride.  I love to see her confidence grow.

She makes this momma proud. 

She also started a recycling program at her school.  I know what you are thinking.  What school does not recycle in 2012?  Ours.  But it does now!  I love how one person can make a difference.  When we moved here, she came home from her first day of school and said "MOM!  They don't recycle!  I went to throw a piece of paper away and I asked my teacher where the recycle bin was and she said WE DON'T HAVE ONE!  Can you believe that?"  So, she wrote a letter to the principal.  The first step in making a change.  The principal said she was working on it for next year.  Next year came, and still no recycling.  Each grade level does a service project, so she suggested that this be the 4th grade service project.  We got principal approval.  Her 4th grade class and teacher were thrilled, and we were off to purchase recycle bins for all the classes and rooms at the school. 

Twice a week the kids in her class go around and empty the bins.  They love doing this.  They love making a difference.  It was supposed to be just once a week, but their bins overfloweth.  All that would have been in our landfills.  Instead, I bring it home to my curb side recycle bins and off it goes on a new adventure to be recycled.  We weigh it each time and report back so that they can see how quickly it adds up.  Her school is making a difference.  Her class is making a difference.  She is making a difference.

It only takes one person to make a difference.

That one person was her.

I need to remind myself it can be me too.

It can be you.

She is a blessing to our family, she is going to prove to be a blessing to this world.

God gave us this life.  God gave us this world to live in.

Let's take care of both. 

Go Green!


  1. dang girl. your girl is a one woman recycling center. :) awesome!

  2. THAT is awesome.
    you should be very proud.....and i know you are.