Monday, March 19, 2012

Cup Of Joy

Today is the Monday after Spring Break.  Total bummer.  We all wanted to go back to last week.  School?  How does that work?  I had to set an alarm.  Yuck.  Spring Break should be 2 weeks.  I've decided.  There. Done.

Our week at the beach = perfect, probably why we weren't ready for it to be over.  Seaside, Florida = also perfect.  Cutest little place you ever did see.  Think white sugar sand and clear water in a family friendly place with little cottages and shops and restaurants.  You know that cute little town in The Truman Show?  The one with all the houses with white picket fences?  Seaside, Florida.  We biked everywhere we went.  Only had to get in the car a couple times the whole week.  We are a biking family.  Beach cruiser bikers, not mountain bikers.  We like to be chill while we bike. 

But, in order to have all this fun, we had to get there.  7 1/2 hours, we got this.  We entertained ourselves with in car pillow fights:

And 3-D movies:

And Sleeping:

And being dorks:

We got there right at sunset, perfectly timed, on accident.

Each day we biked to breakfast.

At places like the Cowgirl Kitchen, The Great Southern Cafe, Another Broken Egg, &  The Summer Kitchen - all yum! (and all on 30-A)

Praline Bacon, you totally read that right.  It's like bacon + pie.  What's not to love?  Veggie fritatta, my fav!! Beignets, gone in 2 seconds flat.  The Ricky omelet, holy shmoley!  Love the breakfast bar at Cowgirl Kitchen (Seagrove) and the giant cow mural on the side wall :)

Good thing we biked everywhere!!!!!!!!!  Pretty sure those dishes aren't on the low cal menu.

So while we were there we decided we might as well hit the beach...

So very excited that we got to spend time with sweet friends from Texas and Tennessee!

Took a little excursion to Rosemary Beach one day where we hit some shops, partook of some beverages and were surprised to run into some fun friends from The Woodlands :)

BTW, I really need that rainbow, sequin, exclamation point tank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The best part of last week was really the great time the 4 of us spent together.  Both by ourselves and with our sweet friends.  It was such quality time :) in every cliche sense of the phrase but we loved it.  Playing games, eating good food, reading books, digging in the sand, swimming in the waves, floating in the pool, watching movies outside, chatting, riding bikes, hitting the watercolor art show, traveling to and fro :) painting canvases and nails, piddling around.  So great.  So fun.  So ready to do it again!

So thankful for the blessing of time with my people, thank you God for filling my cup with JOY!

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  1. You are super awesome at the blog thing! I love the picture collages... I need to learn how to do those! We have Sring Break in 2 weeks! Cant wait!