Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sneak Attack!

 clearly 34 year olds are very immature.

Goodbye 34. 

so sad, and clearly in need of a trip to get my roots done, I must love you to show you this!

We've had some good times.  Some silly times.  Some cray cray times.  Ok, we've even had a few tears.  I loved getting to know you.  You are really swell.  I hate to see you go, I really do.  I mean that.  I really, really do. (please don't go)  I don't think we'll meet again, this goodbye is for good.  Hold on a sec, that's my other line...

hold please...


Hello? in my most chipper (saved for phone answereing and drive-thrus) voice

Hold up!  What?  So soon?  I mean, I just got out of a year long thing with 34.  I'm not really ready to commit to you.  Not yet.  I don't mean to be rude.  I don't want you to think that I'm not hospitable.  Let me start over. 

Hold your horses 35!!!

Hey there 35!  Where did you come from?  You totally snuck up on me!  Are you ready to do this?  I hope you've come prepared.  I've got plans for you, big ones.  Stuff that's going to make you laugh and stuff that's probably going to give you gas.  Good times ahead. You're probably going to want to pack a First Aid kit and a sense of humor to make it through what I'm guessing is going to be about a 365 day relationship with me.  Non-stop.  Yep, I'm never going to leave your side for a whole year.  I'm going to be super clingy.  35, I hope you've got a camera, cause you're gonna want to remember this....

Crazy party face, mixed with 1a.m., mixed with webcam, mixed with insanity.  much more mature at 35.

Lights, Camera...Action!

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  1. happy happy birthday craft weekend friend! :) hope 35 is awesome as can be!