Sunday, April 15, 2012

Life's Perfect Blend

Life's Perfect Blend.

Now, from the title, you may think this post is about coffee.  But it isn't. Mainly because I don't drink coffee so it would be a really bad post.  Like the coffee I've tried to make.  Really bad.

It's actually more like blended in the blender.  When things get all crazy mushed together and a part of each other.  When you can't separate one from another again.  Well, that's how my super messy in a fun way life is. Super blended with lots of good stuff.  It's my own perfect blend.
It is interesting and fun.  Messy.  Frilly.  Funky.

Mainly due to my kids.  They make my life a mixy mix of  a life.  Perfectly blended.

Love that my girls will be playing dress up one minute and head outside to catch bugs the next.  A perfect blend.

Roo in her duck boots with her girly x 100 socks.  What a medley.  All us girls have them.  Duck boots.  For the lake, for the snow, for the mud, for when they are closest in reach.  With jeans, shorts, dresses.  New pairs as we grow, old pairs handed down.  Clearly they go with anything and are for every occasion.  People call them all sorts of different things, we call 'em duck boots. We are Texas like that.

But what I really love, is the story they tell.  They've been a lot of places and seen a lot of things.  They've made mud pies, gone sledding, climbed trees.  They are fearless.  I think they make my girls kinda fearless too.  They are also used so that they can climb on top of the playhouse, they are not content to just to play inside it.  The view is better from up there. And when I'm not up there with them, I wait below with my insurance card and copay in hand.

In quick summary, get yourself some duck boots.  Put them on with your fanciest socks.  They won't let a mess slow you down, they'll help you wade through it.  Chances are, they will get you to do things you wouldn't normally do, and have FUN and be silly along the way.  Those things are healthy and these shoes are magic like that.  They help make your life the perfect blend.

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