Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Can I Get A "What What" Wednesday?!?!

Ok, so many things happening in the land of Brady!  Lovely things, funny things, silly things, new things....get my drift?

We are blessed with happy things :)

So here are just a few:

Hazel Monkey auditioned for the talent show and she and her sweet friend did a duet.  Her friend sang while she played the violin.  Love the guts it took for them to perform in front of their whole school!  Brave. Awesome. Girls. (and so stinkin cute!)

Y'all!  I totally tried something new!  Beverage Cart Driver.  I'm not going to lie, I was pretty good at it.  Like, I was kinda a natural.  My friend Lynn and I tooled around the course making people happy with frosty cold hydrating liquids for our school's golf tournament.  Turns out, everyone is happy to see the beverage cart ladies! We even picked up a hitch hiker while making the rounds - turns out a traveling confessional could be pretty popular!

Daisy Girl Scouts are adorbs, who knew?  Love her feet :)

Y'all!  This is one of my birthday presents!  Love to label up some goodness!!!  My people know me well.

Went to the Grizzlies Game with these lovely people!  Watched us some b-ball, holla!

This guy (or girl) has been hanging out on my back door at night.  I leave the light on to attract some dinner.  FYI, I don't like frogs - but I don't think they should starve either.

Hope this lasts forever and ever and ever.  Barbie Beauty Shop. 

We are total book worms, me and my girlies.  Had some Barnes & Noble gift cards so we totally loaded up.  That stack has shrunk significantly.  This is one of my favorite pictures in all the land.

Y'all!  This is a SNICKERS donut.  I kid you not.  It wasn't mine, it was a friend of ours.  Did you hear that?  SNICKERS donut!  What What!?!?

 Scotty Boy and I had a super fab date day!  You've gotta do this.  He took the day off of work while the girls were at school and we had a super fun time.  Hung in the media room, out for lunch, shopping - total treat.  Get you up a date day before summer break!

Love our night time devotional :)  We rotate what part we play.  Bible story, devotional, verses, prayer.  Best way to end the day.  Bonobo (the monkey) often joins us.

 So this kind of thing seems to happen quite a bit.  She fashioned herself a new hat, I should have worn it on Derby day!  Along with some blue bell (the best ice cream in the country) Krazy Kookie Dough and you've got yourself one heck of a Monday night!

My sweeter than sweet friend K May made me these a few years back.  I used them to serve a salad at a brunch I hosted this week (p.s. hosting brunch is the best, it's a morning party!) and got so many comments on their awesomeness.  Aren't homemade gifts the BESTEST?

We spend a lot of time at Home Depot and Lowes.  I'm doin a little reno. These crazies always find a way to entertain themselves.  Crackin themselves up in the lumber department while chillin on our cart.  This was followed by a game of "kick the debris" - good times.

This is a sneak peek at my little project :)  THIS PICTURE MAKES MY GUTS HURT I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Working on a fun new space - hope to share it in a couple weeks!  FYI, found this shiny giant brass chandelier on the side of the road and I made this magic happen.  Doin the happy dance right this very second!

Also made a crazy quick trip this past weekend, a little Texas Tornado - post to come!

That's a quick recap of all things Brady for the "what what" Wednesday, "what what" have you been up to?

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