Monday, June 11, 2012

It's Summer Y'all!

So glad to be in the thick of it.  Summer.

Summer rocks my world, in every good way. 

 Summer gives me the gift of time.  Time with my people.  Time for fun.  Time to stay up late.  Time to sleep in.  Time to enjoy each other.  Time to make memories.

Summer doesn't really mean much for a while after college (and sometimes in college you even acted like it was summer all year long.  Oh come on, I know it wasn't just me.  right?) 

 While working (unless you teach :) or really if you have toddler age kids summer blends with the rest of the days (aside from the temp).  But once you have kids in "real" school - summer ranks again.  I'm not one to rush the days, they go by fast enough without my help and while I don't want the school days to end (because that means that my kids are finished with another grade) I love summer's arrival - we greet her with open arms.  I made summer a "she" cause summer's awesome.

So for my girls, it was good bye 1st grade and goodbye 4th grade. 

And hello summer - let's do this.

We have some plans for summer, but we haven't planned our summer away (I might have been know to have done this).  Last year, I think we were at our house for maybe 2 weeks of the whole summer.  I'm taking a different approach this year.  So far, so good.  We made our summer bucket list and are making quick work of checking things off. 

Outdoor movie party - check
BBQ with neighbors - check
Whale watching - check
Pool - check x 47 and it will be 1,438 by summers end.
Golf - check
Painting - check (we breathe don't we?)

All fun things to share with you.

We just got back from a great trip to the PAC NW - can't wait to tell you all about the greatness!

Until then, get your summer on!

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